This is totally how they do they’re laundry.

“Hey guys let’s fucking meet at the fucking Laundromat and fucking make that little old lady who runs the fucking place feel like she’s fucking twenty again by the way we fucking toss those coins in and watch those fucking drums turn with our mother fucking badass haberdashery and delicates like we own that mother fucking joint. Mikey, get the detergent. We ride at dawn.”






↑ Gerard with that girl’s wrist

reblogging this again.

this is really beautiful

Stunning. Even more reason why I love this band.

I GOT CHILLS READING THIS. That’s so beautiful. I love this band, and Gerard is just… such a beautiful human being. 

  • Me: my teenage years are gonna be a blast!
  • Life: whoops sorry
  • High school: haha yeah right faggot
  • Highschool parties: lol nope you're not invited
  • Friends: we don't need you anymore lol
  • Food: I'll be your best friend
  • Tumblr: lol I'm here for you
  • Me: okay

Anonymous said: if your soul exploded what color would it be

Madigan I already told you gingers don’t have souls.


Party Kat.

oh my god

concert playlist: step 1 of the coping process

that was the ONE


   So my little sister had this dream in which our parents leave or some shit, and bands take in all of our siblings. My Chemical Romance adopts my sister and me; it turns out that they’re completely fucking insane, and they think BL/ind is real. They make us go to school every day with toy ray guns that they think are real and force us to dress as Killjoys. And Gerard renames us.


   And I was like, “Gerard, I swear I’ve heard those names before…”

I laugh aloud

I watched you draw this as I sat next to you but I’m reblogging it anyway because amazing.


there are people at my house 

how do i socialization

what do